WORLDLINK is an Institution devoted to teaching English and Spanish, with special attention to each student, in an excellent atmosphere, transmitting not only knowledge but also values.

WORLDLINK has been teaching English being always at the forefront in terms of methodology, curricula development and exams. The educational quality is our main concern. Our greatest commitment is to ensure a higher academic level.


To know our students' interests.
Our most important challenge as educators is to get the attention and responsible interest of the students. Internet and new technologies have become valuable and unavoidable tools that our academic project incorporates to language learning.


To innovate in teaching methodology.
The academic methodology used at WORLDLINK is based on the latest trends in education worldwide. Technology, software specially designed for teaching English, multimedia projectors, DVD and audio materials allow students to be part of a dynamic education, entering the world of English-Spanish in a more direct and comprehensive way.

The teaching methodology for all our courses is focused on the development of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing prevailing a communicative approach, which allows students to express themselves fluently and precisely, in English.

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Academic Coordinator
In each of our branches, an Academic Coordinator is in charge of teacher training, material selection and research of new methods and techniques to improve the learning process and service for our students.

Teaching Staff
WORLDLINK teachers are one of the distinguishable values of the Institution. The background, constant training, improvement, and the continuing search for students' motivation are our priorities. All the teachers in the Institution have been trained at prestigious institutions with official recognition.

Administrative Secretaries
WORLDLINK have administrative secretaries in each branch, whose main task is to meet the needs of our students and their parents and provide the advice and service they deserve. They also organize the schedules of our students according to extracurricular activities they have.



... gracias a nuestro método orientado a la comunicación comenzarás a utilizar el idioma desde el primer día.

... recibirás enseñanza de alta calidad, porque todos los profesores son profesionales en la enseñanza de idiomas.

... recibirás atención personalizada, ya que nuestros profesores siguen minuciosamente la evolución de cada alumno. Al mismo tiempo, solicitamos constantemente la opinión de nuestros alumnos para conocer su nivel de satisfacción con respecto a su curso.

... elegirás el ritmo de aprendizaje, ya que puede elegir desde cursos regulares de 2 clases semanales o cursos intensivos de 3 y 4 clases semanales, hasta clases individuales.

... lograrás el aprendizaje más completo, con textos, CDs y DVDs especialmente seleccionados y material complementario diseñado para cada curso.

... aprenderás con los especialistas, ya que contamos con un grupo de coordinadoras, "profesores" de "profesores", dedicados a la mejora constante del servicio, quienes investigan nuevas propuestas que mejoren el proceso de aprendizaje.

Y utilizarás tus recursos financieros, con mayor eficiencia, afectando positivamente tu presupuesto de capacitación, ya que tenemos los aranceles más competitivos del mercado.


Do you want to join our staff?

Experience and constant training are some of the aspects that highlight WORLDLINK#39;s teaching staff. We continually work on improving our services to ensure the best academic level for our students.

If you want to join us, complete the form and send us your CV here

Enter your email and select the WORLDLINK Branch you want to subscribe.


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